Rovensys is an information technology company that fuels insights, innovation, and agility to push the boundaries of workforce effectiveness, operational productivity, and competitiveness. As a trusted software development partner, we will create business and technology solutions that will help to address challenges and achieve business goals.
100% of ROVENSYS professionals are university graduates in computer sciences, mathematics, and the related fields.
Our office is in Concord, California, USA.
On the way to digital transforming of your business, partnering with ROVENSYS helps your company gain true value out of investments in Software, IT infrastructure and Data.

The ROVENSYS character was shaped in 2008 when its first project based on cloud technologies and targeted at corporate social responsibility was kicked off. Since then, cloud computing has been embedded into the company’s corporate culture and most IT service offerings advocating for flexibility, continuous innovation, and prioritized workloads.
Together with industry leaders ROVENSYS pioneered the booming market of cloud native software and technology elasticity and now has accumulated ready-to-use practical experience and enormous expertise of implementing solutions in such business domains as:
- corporate social responsibility. - back office, operations, and workflows. - banks and financial institutions. - human resources management.