The pace of technological development is no longer a barrier to getting information. What makes a real difference is the capability of business to identify right data sources and indicators which are of most value in a specific situation. It is also necessary to be able to ask right questions with a potential for getting right answers that are expected to be retrieved from data when it is collected, associated with metrics.


For the answers or other information to show up before your eyes, the raw data goes through a number of phases of initial distillation and analytical processing, then it is complemented with some crucial coefficients, calculated and updated, compared with certain threshold values, modified and\or aggregated into something that is worth being taken into account when making a decision.


For some people it is enough to be able to view the desired information on the screen, to make a judgement about what is better to be done. Other colleagues, when working with data, prefer to have an opportunity to search the required items throughout the entire flow of data; to filter them, compare, and\or share with someone else. The easier the access to data is, the more addictive it becomes.

Faster, more frequently and more granular are key properties of data required for making informed decisions. Moreover, with mobile devices easily accessible and widely spread, the capability to adequately respond to a situation is expected to be available anywhere and anytime. The more data you have, the more accurately you can discern the trends. The higher its quality and velocity are, the more actionable insight you can get.


Identification and analysis of data carried out by ROVENSYS often result in determining the source of differentiation. It is a driver in a decision-making process, as the identified data serves as a strategic asset which forces a new strategic direction to be taken, or gives rise to new opportunities for an increase in production, or new market exploration, or enhancements in customer experience, etc.


As an approach to how data can be regarded, the analogy with a supply chain is used and provides the perspective of new opportunities for feeding a certain business activity and various business processes with information. It runs afoul of the warehousing view which aims at efficient storing rather than using data. ROVENSYS discerns the end goal from the beginning and holds on to it through all milestones of the project and up to its end.


By playing a crucial role in decision-making, meaningful insights are captured from data that have been presented in the most optimal way. To drive such insights, ROVENSYS uses mathematical methods for data processing, best practices for data visualization, statistical and other approaches to modelling and predicting possible outcome.


As a modern tendency in corporate culture, data-driven actions contribute to eliminating the number of decisions made on the basis of tradition or gut feelings. ROVENSYS is committed to creating and producing advanced analytics solutions that foster fact-based decisions and embed actionable insights into business processes.


Personalized infrastructure provides personalized interactions. It takes into account individual preferences of personnel in your organization. This approach is pursued by ROVENSYS whenever it designs customized dashboards, creates capabilities for users to build and shape ad-hoc reports with a varying degree of details and further export into required formats.