DEPLOYMENT of the solution is performed into one of the following infrastructures:

  • ・ Private Cloud
  • ・ Public Cloud
  • ・ Hybrid Cloud

DELIVERY of the solution provides a subscription-based opportunity to use:

  • ・ An application (SaaS)
  • ・ A platform to churn out apps (PaaS)
  • ・ An infrastructure of fundamental cloud resources (IaaS)


The essential factor in ramping up business growth. Cloud-based software adds up agility, flexibility, scalability to business capabilities by providing on-demand services that are able to rapidly scale up, or to scale down the available capacity to catch up with the pace of growing business needs.

Cloud Computing Security

Deals with the choice of where to deploy the cloud-based solution. This issue raises the compliance with requirements: ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, Safe Harbour, ISAE 3402, etc. In this regard SaaS vendors are sometimes better than the one applied internally by business organizations.

Customization Capabilities

Suites as highly standardized business models that tackle fragmentation and remove inconsistences, so as easily configurable unique business processes. Offering nearly limitless customization capabilities, SaaS solutions are used to achieve a wide variety of business objectives.


Pleasant side effect in addition to the main goal of using cloud. It embraces: lower total cost of ownership at about 30 and up to 50 per cent if compared with traditional solutions; less dependency on IT staff and skill issue; faster functionality implementation and time-to-market.


You can take what you really need at the moment and then make changes proceeding from the situation. Cloud solutions resemble a fleet of cars in logistics services: you can own or rent the required amount.


The 'test & learn' culture helps to challenge the status quo and see what is working, and what can be removed without any impact. Cloud solutions create the culture of experimentation that brings changes in a short-term period and views those changes as new opportunities.


Incrementally delivered value fosters innovation by providing low-cost and low-risk implementation of changes that with every new milestone increase the overall results for gaining additional advantage and transforming your business into a high-performance engine.


Cloud solutions enable repeatable delivery that helps to pick up the pace and capitalize on business process changes which lead to take cost savings a secondary issue and raise business outcome to the top of desired benefits.


This is a cost model that helps to avoid conservation of functional capabilities for future needs, and instead to ensure that everything what is needed will be delivered in a short, up to 12 months, term - thus, making you flexible and able to respond quickly to the business environment changes.